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Welcome to K and C Solar

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. 

We are a growing company based in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

 K and C Solar has  Grid Tie systems to meet the needs of our customers.

We also have off grid solar power applications and  everything you need to begin generating your own power for various applications at home, cottage or RV.

Check out our package page for an ever increasing list of packages designed for all your power needs.

Need some custom designs for your needs, we can put together a system to suit your power needs.

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Specializing in  Solar Power products to meet all your Solar Project requirements

Our Services and Products 

Solar Panel Sales

We offer top quality solar panels at an affordable price for grid tie or off grid applications such as a garage, RV or cottage.

DIY Solar kits

We offer a complete kit for the DIY person, all plug and play, complete with installation instructions

Custom Solar

Tell us your needs and let us put a solar package together for you, no project too big or too small

RV solar products for your camping needs

Enjoy all the features of home with a solar electric supply for your RV or Camper, Off-grid cabin packages available as well.

Grid Tie PV Array

With the growing cost of electricity, a grid tie system is becoming more desirable.  The cost of solar has been on a steady decline and has become more and more affordable.  The Manitoba Hydro rebate program makes it a reality to many home owners today.