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Magnum Cabin Package

1100 Watt Cabin package complete with the following

  • 4 - 275 Watt Canadian Solar PV panels
  • Midnite Solar Charge Controller
  • Magnum Power Inverter
  • Magnum Mini Panel
  • Breakers
  • #10 AWG Solar PV wire
  • 4 - 6 Volt Batteries
  • Additional wiring for battery and grounds
  • Kinetic Roof Rack system
  • Package price $8000
  • This package is expandable for more power needs

Installation available, taxes extra

Cabin Package,off grid, PV, Battery power

Morningstar Cabin package

This premium Morningstar starter Off Grid cabin package is ideal as an entry level solar package. 

Package includes the following:

  • 2 - 275 Watt Canadian Solar PV panels
  • 1 - Morningstar Charge controller
  • 1 - Breaker box with breakers
  • 2 - 6 Volt batteries
  • 1- 2300 Watt inverter
  • Cable package
  • Wiring diagram

This system will get you started for the low price of $2600 plus tax

Racking system to hold panels is extra, add $330 plus tax

Upgrades are available.

SolarEdge 1.1kW Grid Tie Mini Pack

​SolarEdge 1.1kW package

  • Includes SolarEdge 3.0kW state of the art inverter
  • 4/275 Watt Canadian Solar panels
  • roof or ground mount racking
  •   4 SolarEdge Optimizers
  • Engineered drawing - FREE with package

The perfect system for those on a tight budget

Wiring and Install available and extra

$3800 plus taxes CAD

Solaredge Inverter, Solar, PV, electric,

SolarEdge Starter System

Expandable Grid Tie Package

Complete SolarEdge starter system for those on a budget

2 Kw systems starting at $6,000 Plus Tax CAD

  • Includes SolarEdge 7.6kW state of the art inverter
  • 8/275 Watt Canadian Solar panels
  • roof or ground mount racking
  • 8 SolarEdge Optimizers

This system is expandable

Wiring and install extra and available

Solar, PV